Language Training

English, French, German, Italian

  • Do you need language skills to get your dream job, run a business, or move to another country?
  • Do you want to improve your speaking confidence?
  • Have you studied a language for a while but still find it hard to speak or to understand native speakers?
  • Have you had a negative experience learning a language at school?
  • Are you worried about your accent?
  • Have you wondered which language app or programme to use?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, Sigrid’s Language Training can help, with 1-to-1 sessions for adults in English as a Second Language, German, French, Italian, or any other language you choose*!

My language lessons are different! I don’t simply teach you a language: I train you how to learn the specific language skills you need to achieve your goals!

When you learn with Sigrid’s Language Training, your lessons are based around your goals and the specific things you need to learn to achieve them. I train you how to use online and other resources and/or native speakers to learn effectively. We regularly review your goals together to give you a real sense of achievement, and to make sure you keep learning exactly what you want and need.

I help you to create and find real-life phrases for your specific situations. I teach you how to discover grammar and learn vocabulary in a natural way, and how to develop accurate and natural pronunciation using the language you hear and the resources you have. Good pronunciation will help you to communicate clearly and also to understand native speakers.

I show you how to build your speaking confidence step by step and how to apply techniques to help you learn and practice effectively at home and in real-life situations. You receive ongoing study support between sessions, including advice on how to find more resources and native speakers with whom you can practice.

*If you want to learn a language I don’t speak, the training is the same, but we will rely on native speakers and other materials as a vocabulary and pronunciation resource.

Contact me on or +44 (01727) 853284