English Pronunciation

Have you been learning English for a while but are afraid to speak it because of your foreign accent?

Do English speakers find it hard to understand you?

Do you struggle to understand what native speakers are saying?

Do you avoid using certain words because you don’t know how to pronounce them or because they are hard to say?

Can you write and read English well but are not sure how to pronounce it?

If you have any worries about pronouncing or understanding English*, then my English Pronunciation Lessons can help!

You will learn how to pronounce the  sounds, rhythm and intonation (or melody) of ‘Southern British English’ (also known as Standard British English or Received Pronunciation) and how to develop a British English accent.

Mastering the sounds, rhythm and intonation of English will really increase your confidence and help you to communicate in English.

Learning how English is pronounced naturally also improves your listening comprehension so you can understand ‘fast’ conversations with native speakers. Words often sound different to what you expect, for example because the spelling doesn’t match how you say it, or because words ‘blend’ together in a sentence. This makes it hard for you to understand what was said. My pronunciation training teaches you to match the sounds you hear to the words you know!

In my lessons, we talk about your specific goals for improving your pronunciation and decide together what to focus on. You will learn step by step how to hear and say the sounds and words you find hard, and how to say phrases with the correct rhythm and intonation.

To change your accent you need to practice daily, so I help you to create a practice routine that works for you. I also demonstrate the exercises and show you how to use what you’ve learned in real phrases that are relevant for your situation.

*In addition to English accent training, I also teach techniques how to learn correct pronunciation and understand native speakers in other languages. Click on the ‘English Classes’ button on my home page for more information.

Contact me on sigrid@wis.co.uk or +44 (01727) 853284