About Sigrid

Hi, thanks so much for visiting my website!

I’m Sigrid. A native German, I grew up in Belgium, then studied Translation in Switzerland and moved to the UK in 1993. I am married to an Englishman and we have raised two bilingual children.

Apart from German I speak English, French and Italian fluently. I can also have a simple conversation in Dutch and Spanish and I know some basic phrases in Danish, Polish, Portuguese and Hungarian!

When my children were growing up, I became so fascinated with how they were learning two mother tongues that in 2009 I did an MA in Applied Linguistics to find out how they did it (and became a qualified TEFL teacher at the same time!). Read my dissertation here.

I started teaching private language lessons to adults and children in St. Albans in 2006, and French group conversation classes to adults with Language for Fun in 2012.

Having taught myself a British accent and watched many people struggle with English Pronunciation, I wanted to help my learners in that area, too, so in 2013 I trained to become a qualified English Pronunciation teacher with a Certificate in English Speech and Phonetics.

In 2015 I launched Sigrid’s Language Training because I am passionate about learning and teaching languages and want to equip others with the language skills they need to do what they are passionate about!

I have been privileged to learn, and teach, many different languages using various different methods. I tried out many ideas and watched my own children pick up two languages naturally. This is valuable experience that I want to share with you!

In Sigrid’s Language Training I don’t simply teach you a language: my aim is to train you how to learn the specific language skills you need to achieve your goals!