How to Learn any Language

  • Do you want to learn a language but don’t know where to start?
  • Have you been learning a language for a while but still struggle to speak or understand it?
  • Not sure which app, course or language programme to use?
  • Can’t find a course or class for your chosen language?
  • Planning to learn with native speakers or by ‘immersion’ but not sure how to make it work?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, my Language Learning Techniques course can help!

Over many years I’ve collected and tried ideas based on linguistic research, different language learning methods, and my own experience as a language learner and teacher. I want to share these techniques with you to help you make the most of the language learning resources you have.

My passion is to share my experience to see you become confident in speaking and understanding the language you have chosen to learn.

My Language Learning Techniques course is a package of  3 lessons designed as an introduction to the techniques I teach in my Language Training and Accent Training courses. It is also ideal if you are learning by yourself or attending other language classes.

You will discover:

  • How to create a learning programme that works for you and actually gets you speaking
  • How to find and use online and offline language learning materials such as books, classes, apps, YouTube videos, podcasts, and native speakers
  • How to learn naturally, like a child
  • How to build confidence and fluency
  • How to learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation the easy way
  • How to adapt the available vocabulary and material so it’s useful for your particular situation
  • How to communicate successfully in a foreign language in real life

If you are not ready to book a course, why not ask for my FREE Essential Language Learning Techniques document which gives tips on how to learn any language effectively. These techniques are what my classes are based on and will help get you started in your language learning.

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