Sigrid’s Language Training

Do you need confidence speaking English, French, German or Italian for work or travel?

Do you want to improve your English accent?

Have you tried to study English or another language but can’t understand native speakers, stay motivated, or find the right method?

Sigrid’s Language Training can help!

I offer individually tailored, one-to-one language lessons for adults in St. Albans (near London), or online.

In my classes you learn the specific vocabulary and language skills you need to achieve your goal, rather than following a set language course.

You can study:

  1. English, French, German or Italian
  2. English Pronunciation (English accent class)
  3. Language Learning Techniques (How to learn a language)

Please use the buttons on my home page for more information on each of these options.

Language learning with Sigrid’s Language Training is different because it is:

  • goal focused: based around what you want to achieve
  • learner centred: you learn the language you need
  • creative: we create your learning content together and use creative ways of learning which work for you
  • communication focused: emphasis on actually using the language in real life situations
  • confidence building: positive feedback, step-by-step practice and strategies to prepare you for real life
  • natural: emphasis on phonetics and learning by ear; learning grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in context
  • training you to learn: techniques and guidance how to learn and practise effectively, and how to find and use learning material that’s right for you

Still not sure if my language training is for you? Here are some FREE options to help you decide:

  1. Request my FREE tips on How to Learn a Language (see the button on the home page) to help you get started with your language learning and give you a clearer idea how I teach.
  2. Book a FREE, no-obligation chat about your language learning needs and how I can help you learn.

Contact me on or +44 (01727) 853284